5 Ways That You And I Can Relieve Stress

Everyone gets stressed, at least I do. Whether it’s over that job interview or your upcoming test, you start to feel this tension and everything seems to go wrong. For me, I get stressed pretty easily and I am just a student.

Things like test grades, college, friends, family, body image, and high school, in general, can make my head spin and put me in a bad mood.

I can’t begin to imagine the stress that adults go through with things like raising a family, taxes, jobs, and so much more.

Stress is more impactful than you think. It affects you mentally and physically.

Generally, when I am stressed, I feel more irritated, unable to focus on work or people, and more anxious. It is also common for me to get headaches and lack of sleep.

Stress can have a negative toll on your mental health and the strength of your body. It can cause depression, anxiety, bodily pains, and digestion issues.

Here are the 5 ways I relax and destress so that I can be in the best mood:

1. Meditation

  • When I am really stressed and everything feels like it’s crumbling, I go into a dark, quiet room and sit with my eyes closed. I do some breathing to calm down and reflect on what I am stressed about. This is the best way for me to find out what is causing me so much pain and is it worth all the stress and tears.
    • My recommendations for those who want to try out meditation is to find a quiet room to sit in, play some calming music, maybe put some scented candles, and just close your eyes and breathe. Meditation is a sure way to get your heart back to its resting point, reflect about the good and bad things about your day, and relax.

2. Taking a bath/shower

  • A hot bath with bubbles and fruity bath bombs? Sign me up! Taking a hot bath/shower after a long day is the perfect way to unwind and relax the muscles. In my baths, I add Epsom salt, which has been shown to relax the muscles and mind for the perfect destress.

3. Doing what you love

  • Having responsibilities makes life busy and you lose time to enjoy hobbies or meet with friends/family. Try setting a small amount of time to yourself. I like painting, watching my favorite shows, and playing music to destress. Just lay back and have fun even if it’s for 10 minutes.

4. Exercise

  • Get your body moving and heart pumping! Try an at-home workout that gets you active and takes your mind off what’s going on in your life. Go outside and play some of your favorite sports. Don’t push yourself though, just have fun doing a moderate workout and work up a sweat!

5. Talking to someone

  • Sure, in the beginning, you want to be alone. But, talking to someone will help you to address what’s bothering you and vent. Sometimes we all need a good vent to someone who will listen and give advice. After a long day, sharing your thoughts to someone can make you feel better. When I had a bad day at school because of a terrible substitute or hard test, I like complaining about it to the point where I forget what was so bad about my day.

Stress is a normal thing and everyone experiences and some stress in your life is a good thing.

When there is too much stress though, people should know when to take a break and step back. No one is perfect and not everything will go the way that you expect it to.

It’s hard to go with the “flow” of life and not care, but giving yourself a break once in a while is a sure way to a happy life. One without stress and with fulfillment.

Sachi Kataria

Hi! I'm the main blogger/founder of One of A Kind. I hope that reading these experiences from other people will help others realize that they are perfect the way they are and encourage others to engage with our community and talk about their stories. Thanks for reading!

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